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Business 3+1 BS/MBA Scholars Major

Certain students approach their educations with an unmatched drive and ambition – a desire to work harder, focus more clearly and succeed quickly. For these distinctive scholars, languishing through years of undergraduate and graduate classes isn’t always necessary. Geneva College offers a unique, rigorous Business 3+1 BS/MBA program for high-performing business and accounting students who want to make their way through school and into a career as efficiently as possible. If you believe you have what it takes to demonstrate the skills and business knowledge necessary to benefit from this program’s accelerated pace, we believe in you!

Why choose the Business 3+1 BS/MBA Scholars path at Geneva College?

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Geneva College is now a part of PA TRAC! This allows for greater accessibility in transferring credits from other participating colleges and universities. To see which courses and degrees qualify, speak to a Geneva representative today.