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Independent Majors

God created you as a unique individual with your own talents, interests and ideas. If your vision for your education and future career don't fit perfectly into one of the departmentally-based majors offered by Geneva College, we offer the distinctive opportunity to design your own independent major from existing courses. You can even include a semester at another college or university in your self-designed program, for education in a special area of interest or in a specific location – for example, if you go on a mission overseas, you don't have to put your education on hold.

How can I create an independent major at Geneva College?

If you’re considering designing an independent major, take care to begin completing core requirements early so your last two years of school are free to pursue major interests. At any time before the end of fall semester your sophomore year, you may begin planning an independent major and working to get approval for it. You will need to propose a combination of courses that will fulfill your objectives and present it to a faculty member you’d like to serve as your advisor. The academic dean of Geneva College will need your transcript, a list of desired courses toward your independent major, a rationale for your proposal and a timetable for completion in order to give final approval.

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Not many institutions offer the chance for an independent major, so we understand you may have a lot of questions about the opportunity. After all, there’s a lot to consider! Just fill out the form on this page and a Geneva representative will contact you to answer your questions and provide more information on whether or not designing an independent major is right for you.

Geneva College is now a part of PA TRAC! This allows for greater accessibility in transferring credits from other participating colleges and universities. To see which courses and degrees qualify, speak to a Geneva representative today.